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VO embracing the future.

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In a world that is constantly changing, we are and intend to remain the gold standard in the field of communication and leisure.

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We offer businesses and institutions responsible, memorable communications that make sense, adhere to our values, and deliver tangible results.

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Our fundamental values are respect for others, creative passion, and open-mindedness.

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Companies Communication and leisure group, we combine communications with experiences and conversations, for citizens and consumers.

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Grand départ1

I want to ride my bicycle

Who could forget! For 3 whole days at the beginning of the summer, Brussels hosted the start of the Tour de France 2019. More than 170 cyclists and 1 million spectators lined the streets of Brussels during this event. Against this unusual backdrop, Brussels Mobility entrusted VO Citizen with the development of a new transmedia campaign. Read more
BXL_PROPRETE_Poivron bis

Orange is the new trend

Using an orange bin bag for apple cores, coffee grounds, peppers and all other food waste is the right thing to do. After all, these waste products take up 40% of your white bin bags. If you separate them from other waste, they can be recycled into green energy and compost, thanks to biomethanisation. All this and more is the message of the communication campaign brought to you by VO Citizen, the corporate communications agency of the VO Group. Read more

Lab success stories

After more than a year of testing, several of the projects co-created in the VO Lab have come to fruition. The Lab is our resource centre. For more than a year, it has been giving the VO agencies and their clients a range of tools – from a structure and setting that foster collective intelligence, to internal and external experts and inspiring documentation – to co-create innovative, long-lasting communication solutions. Read more