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VO embracing the future.

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In a world that is constantly changing, we are and intend to remain the gold standard in the field of communication and leisure.

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We offers businesses and institutions responsible, memorable communications that make sense, adhere to our values, and deliver tangible results.

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Our fundamental values are respect for others, creative passion, and open-mindedness.

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Companies Communication and leisure group, we combine communications with experiences and conversations, for citizens and consumers.

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The LAB - the new creative heart of VO Group

The VO Group is fine-tuning a tool that will see it throw away the rule book and boost creativity in the projects entrusted to it. This tool is the LAB, and it will not only improve the way the teams “think” things but also the way they “make” things. It implies a new attitude to foster more collective intelligence, greater meaning and better ideas in the interests of the customer and his event. Read more
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A solidarity action at VO

As the year draws to a close, we are particularly proud to present a coat drive - collecting warm clothes for the needy - as one of the actions and initiatives undertaken by our employees within the VO group. Fully committed to our heartfelt policy of Corporate Social Responsibility, Timothée, one of our collaborators at Sense, has challenged himself and his colleagues by launching an appeal to collect as much warm clothes for vulnerable people as possible. Read more
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Sharing is caring!

Just over 50% of families in Brussels have a private car. And when you consider that these cars are stationary 97.6% of the time, there is an obvious conclusion to be drawn. Today, many people are aware that a shared car can replace up to 15 personal vehicles and that there is a well-developed range of such car-sharing services on offer. This awareness and knowledge of the possibilities that are available is the fruit of a collaboration between two of the VO Group agencies: VO Citizen and Voice. Read more