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VO embracing the future.

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In a world that is constantly changing, we are and intend to remain the gold standard in the field of communication and leisure.

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We offer businesses and institutions responsible, memorable communications that make sense, adhere to our values, and deliver tangible results.

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Our fundamental values are respect for others, creative passion, and open-mindedness.

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Companies Communication and leisure group, we combine communications with experiences and conversations, for citizens and consumers.

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Golf - BDGC



Hackathons: the new innovation tool

A hackathon – a portmanteau of hack and marathon – is a sprint-like innovation event aiming to develop new solutions to a given problem. It is an increasingly popular approach for organisations wanting to think outside the box and devise innovative solutions. Bringing together participants from the IT, tech, start-up and other sectors, who form groups to respond to a particular challenge, hackathons are a collaborative creative process that can run non-stop for up to three days. Read more
Studio G1

The Art of Creative Collaboration

The VO Group is always keen to encourage collaborations between its agencies. Launched in late 2017, Studio Gondo is a hotbed of artistic ideas, much to the delight of the other agencies, and particularly VO Event which regularly calls on its services. Read more

VO takes on record numbers of interns

VO has proven to be a goldmine for youngsters looking to build their experience: this spring, we have beaten our own record for the number of interns, with 14 youngsters working across all of the VO agencies (VO Group, VO Event, Voice, VO Citizen and VO Europe). Some of them will be staying on with us for longer, while others will be moving on to the next step of their careers. Read more