Vision, Mission, Values


In a world that is constantly changing, we are—and hope to remain—the gold standard in the field of communications and leisure, staying ahead of the pack thanks to our collaborative approach and long-term commitment that result in a quality service.


As new economic models emerge to take on the challenges facing the world and its citizens, VO is here to give businesses and institutions responsible, memorable communications that make sense, adhere to our values, and deliver results. We are the first Belgian communications and leisure group to combine communications with experiences and conversations, building bridges between reality and the digital world.


Our fundamental values are respect for others, creative passion, and open-mindedness. By upholding these values we help create a company culture that enables us to fulfil our common goals while respecting our basic principles.

But what does this mean in concrete terms? VO acts responsibly in the long term. Our approach revolves around citizens and society, bringing our team members’ well-being, profit creation, and environmental respect together under one roof.