New governance system @ VO

Last October, the majority shareholder base at VO changed following a management buy-out. The takeover was carried out by internal stakeholders, who had known the company for many years and therefore had a clear vision of VO's needs, potential and culture. Full of ambition for the future, Alexandre Velleuer and Xavier Vincent have specifically begun by rethinking the group's governance system, in order to move towards a more participative, inclusive and empowering model.

Hackathons: the new innovation tool

A hackathon – a portmanteau of hack and marathon – is a sprint-like innovation event aiming to develop new solutions to a given problem. It is an increasingly popular approach for organisations wanting to think outside the box and devise innovative solutions. Bringing together participants from the IT, tech, start-up and other sectors, who form groups to respond to a particular challenge, hackathons are a collaborative creative process that can run non-stop for up to three days.

The Circular Event Toolkit: the new innovation from a remarkable trio

At the start of March, in partnership with communications agency SENSE and Emmanuel Mossay – an expert in the circular economy – VO Event was named the winner of Brussels Environment’s “Be Circular” call for projects with its proposal for a “Circular Event Toolkit”. This toolkit is a collection of the techniques needed to run an eco-friendly event and will be available to the entire Belgian events industry from late 2019.

A solidarity action at VO

As the year draws to a close, we are particularly proud to present a coat drive - collecting warm clothes for the needy - as one of the actions and initiatives undertaken by our employees within the VO group. Fully committed to our heartfelt policy of Corporate Social Responsibility, Timothée, one of our collaborators at Sense, has challenged himself and his colleagues by launching an appeal to collect as much warm clothes for vulnerable people as possible.

Sharing is caring!

Just over 50% of families in Brussels have a private car. And when you consider that these cars are stationary 97.6% of the time, there is an obvious conclusion to be drawn. Today, many people are aware that a shared car can replace up to 15 personal vehicles and that there is a well-developed range of such car-sharing services on offer. This awareness and knowledge of the possibilities that are available is the fruit of a collaboration between two of the VO Group agencies: VO Citizen and Voice.

Resilience in the communication professions

The courses in collective intelligence and agile project management for the VO teams were in full swing this summer ... Some 60 employees were introduced to this new approach and were able to work on developing solutions to the challenge launched by the Group: "How to encourage teams to cooperate creatively, ensure enjoyment at work and increase the quality of recommendations made to clients." This investment in training aims to achieve the vision "Make sense and be remarkable".