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A solidarity action at VO by Véra

11 December 2018
tim vet

As the year draws to a close, we are particularly proud to present a coat drive - collecting warm clothes for the needy - as one of the actions and initiatives undertaken by our employees within the VO group. Fully committed to our heartfelt policy of Corporate Social Responsibility, Timothée, one of our collaborators at Sense, has challenged himself and his colleagues by launching an appeal to collect as much warm clothes for vulnerable people as possible.

His appeal is a resounding success. Many donations have been collected and continue to arrive. It was not only the Pauvrophobie project at Sense that drew his attention to the issue, but also a more personal observation of the additional difficulties experienced by vulnerable people during the winter period.

Indeed, it was Timothée’s kid brother, who regularly encounters people in need on his way to school, who gave him the idea, thus making it a ‘family’ affair in more ways than one.

With the end of 2018 in sight, the next step will consist of distributing packs of complete outfits to the very poorest, hopefully improve their living conditions a little.

Here are some associations and actions to which we can all contribute:  Opération chaussettes, Un Noël pour tous and Resto du Cœur.


If you’re not making someone’s life better, you’re wasting your time. Sometimes in life, if you want to feel better yourself, you just have to help others.” Will Smith

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