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ALAN - our new health partner 2.0 by Romane

22 April 2022

Following two difficult years at the mercy of the pandemic, VO decided to put the well-being and health of its employees at the centre of its concerns. In line with our values, a new benefit focused on people, sustainability and innovation has made a grand entrance into our daily lives at VO.



Alan is a 100% digital health assurance portal that enables every employee to take care of his or her health and to be reimbursed in no time thanks to the related app, which assures a human approach through its responsiveness and connectivity. Alan is designed to be a proper daily health companion, offering the possibility of communicating with doctors and psychologists via 24-hour online chat.

Behind the product and services, Alan also has a strong corporate culture that is innovative and people-orientated, with a culture of feedback and transparency, and encourages a flexible working environment. This was a strong argument that swung the scales in its favour.



During an Alan information session, which was aimed at presenting the benefit and its practical app, the employees had an opportunity to find out how it works, ask various questions and express any fears. Thanks to the product’s ease of use, the benefit was introduced for all VO staff in record time. 

Since 1 February, this Health partner 2.0 is  ready-to-hand for our employees, much to VO's delight.