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Carbon offsetting for our events? Not as hard as you might think. by Michaël

07 June 2017

Our first experience with carbon offsetting for events was at the request of the European Commission when we organised the very first Sustainable Energy Week, which we ran for three years in a row. This project is a good example because it brought together several of the group’s companies, using expertise from VO Europe, Voice and VO Event.

Context: The VO group’s dedicated European entity was involved in the 2016 sustainable energy event, one year after the Paris Agreement, and continued this work for the 2017 event.

At the request of the European Commission, a plan was drawn up to offset the carbon footprint for all printed materials, which earned an offsetting certificate for 234 kg of CO2 in 2016.

The offsetting results for 2016-2017 came to a total of 2869 kg—almost three tonnes—divided up as follows:


  • 168 kg for A1 posters
  • 17 kg for post cards - COP 21 - Paris
  • 414 kg for promotional posters –
  • 11 kg for business cards
  • 26 kg for bookmarks


  • 234 kg for post cards (COP 22 - Marrakesh)
  • 154 kg for large posters (COP 22 - Marrakesh)
  • 280 kg for bookmarks (COP 22 - Marrakesh)
  • 141 kg for A3 posters
  • 334 kg for bookmarks
  • 155 kg for large posters
  • 962 kg for brochures

All those kilos will help to change lives/living conditions in the long term across three continents!

Local actions – global impact

From the smallest to the biggest, every action counts, provided that it is relevant and meaningful. The offsetting programme lends “carbon neutral” projects a social dimension.