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Closing of the 4th session of VO Academy

03 May 2022
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A little over a year ago, we unveiled the VO Academy, our internal training project which aims to share expertise and knowledge on important subjects such as communication, digital technology, societal and citizenship issues, events and innovation.

Our aim is to offer our employees a 360° experience, in order to increase the level of expertise all-around. Each session is recorded and made available so that those who cannot attend can still participate and learn at their convenience.

In March, the 4th module of the VO Academy was held. Here we offered employees six one-hour sessions covering three principal subjects:


One of the sessions was aimed at presenting and explaining the new implications of the Circular Event Toolkit: how to understand, reduce and reverse the impact of events on biodiversity. 

At the same time, we organised a session dedicated to introducing employees to our tool, designed and created in partnership with CO2 Logic, which enables us to calculate the carbon footprint of our communication campaigns from beginning to end.


Our different divisions are constantly at the service of citizens and, therefore, consumers in general. To this end, Voice presented its Trust Barometer tool, which enables people’s trust in brands and institutions to be measured.

In the same vein, VO Citizen, in collaboration with the agency Wild, presented a report drawn from the results of multiple surveys and aimed at identifying the various societal movements, their audiences, and how citizens see themselves in terms of the future of society.


The Circular Event Toolkit is a tool that everyone knows internally, so we started getting employees to use it by putting it into practice. 

A new platform is being introduced at VO. The tool helps us to create teams (fixed or cross-functional) to facilitate use both internally and externally. 

The successful 4th module brought together no fewer than 9 speakers and a total of 137 participants. 

As part of a continuous improvement process, a survey was conducted to enable each participant to express their opinion, rate the sessions in a positive manner and suggest alternatives, ideas for topics or indeed points for improvement. This positive feedback resulted in a satisfaction rating of 4.8/5. We are proud of this and are already looking forward to presenting module 5 in October. 


In parallel, the VO Academy is going one step further and inviting its clients to a conference to be held on 5 May, which will focus on the new technologies of tomorrow, such as Web3, the metaverse & blockchains.

Watch this space!