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Fitting out the VO offices by Véra

26 September 2019
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Our employees’ well-being in the workplace is a matter close to VO’s heart. For almost two years now, a very special effort has been made across the group’s relocation, with daily adjustments, to develop various measures aimed at implementing the values of the VO group - respect, an open mind and entrepreneurial passion.

Almost eight out of ten employees feel the layout of their workplace improves their performance

According to the quantitative 2017 study Engaging Workplace, there is a direct correlation between satisfaction with the work environment and employee motivation.

The study was also able to establish a correlation between work environment and work satisfaction

A barometer construed to measure work satisfaction levels across the VO Group showed that:

  • Work environment came 3rd out of the 5 aspects that most influenced happiness at work
  • The VO offices received a mark of 7.6/10 for infrastructure
  • The brightness, offices themselves and outdoor space were named as the 3 main strong points
  • Areas of improvement, on the other hand, were revealed to be the noise level, meeting room equipment and use of the kitchen
  • And last but not least, 75% of all employees felt safe at work

These results certainly match the effort we put into the design of our new pleasant, high-performing offices, although there are still some challenges to overcome.

An open-plan environment to facilitate exchanges and collaboration

Almost 2 years after the open-plan layout was introduced, the barometer indicates that we can go one step further with employees swapping desks every 3 months.

 A successful move

I am happy with the results of the challenge we took on almost three years ago - finding a new location for the VO agencies, coordinating a smooth move and making sure the offices were fitted out in accordance with everyone’s needs, demands and expectations,” Audrey Lacourt, Facility Manager from 2012 to 2018, explains. “The most satisfying aspect for me was that this layout was achieved after several co-creative meetings, which definitely explains why our employees are currently so satisfied. A future point of improvement is, in my opinion, that all teams should be involved in the operational organisation.

Repeating what has not yet been said and forgetting what has not been thought about,” Dimitri Bertrand, member of the CSR team, continues. “Our offices are clad in plain, circular decorations. Carpets, paintings and functional decorative elements crafted from high-quality materials. These sustainable items focused on a better world mirror everything we stand for as a company.

Once again proof that the VO Group works tirelessly to boost the morale of our teams!

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