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I want to ride my bicycle by Véra

11 September 2019
Grand départ1
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Who could forget! For 3 whole days at the beginning of the summer, Brussels hosted the start of the Tour de France 2019. More than 170 cyclists and 1 million spectators lined the streets of Brussels during this event. Against this unusual backdrop, Brussels Mobility entrusted VO Citizen with the development of a new transmedia campaign.

Its objective was ambitious - creating a transmedia campaign to provide information on and raise awareness of the different mobility solutions available during this specific weekend. VO Citizen started the project by developing a creative and successful international communication campaign across Belgium and its neighbouring countries. Its partner Voice then lent them a hand with public relations and digital elements.

250,000 visitors

An online and offline advertising campaign, radio and TV ads and an activation campaign in the streets of Brussels successfully encouraged the capital’s citizens to start using other modes of transport than their car, so as not to unnecessarily clog up the city. To ensure the campaign’s visibility, all target groups and their habits were studied in great detail. This allowed VO to identify 19 segments, which were each approached in a specific manner. A call centre and online dispatching service were also set up during the weekend of the Tour, providing citizens with an answer to all their questions.

238,000 unique visits to the website in 15 days

An entire website was launched for the occasion with information on the ‘Grand Départ’.

29% of those who saw the campaign on Google Search clicked on it

A Google Search campaign was launched to help boost the campaign’s online success.

1.9 million Facebook and Instagram users reached

Social media was used to provide practical information for tourists, the residents of Brussels and fans of the Tour.

And finally, in terms of public relations, a press conference was organised, press releases distributed and news flashes sent to journalists every morning and in the run-up to each new stage of the Tour.

The campaign certainly matched the grandeur of the Tour, which is considered to be one of the most popular live and televised events in the world. Once again, the advertising double-act of VO Citizen and Voice comes out on top - another proud moment for the VO Group.

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