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In-house awareness: a daily challenge by Manon

11 May 2018

At VO Group, like at all of the VO agencies, we believe that we can use technological innovation, creativity and inventiveness to ensure that we respect people and the environment. These fruits of modernity, progress, solidarity and sharing express the values that allow us to take on future challenges together with an open mind.

We want to live out this notion of environmental protection in our everyday work and prefer to view an eco-friendly approach as an opportunity rather than a constraint.

Educating, acting, challenging ourselves and taking action are the key aims of the CSR programme that the VO group and its subsidiaries have implemented.

The programme means that VO is committed internally to setting up simple solutions such as electric bikes, sorting waste, using paper responsibly, etc. Of course, the level of involvement in these actions depends on each person’s commitment to the environment and ecology.


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