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It's time to collaborate by Manon

04 June 2018

Concerned about present and future challenges, VO invests in an agile and collaborative dynamic of continuous improvement, both for developing answers to challenges posed by clients and for the agency’s day-to-day methods and approach.

This ambition stems from the objectives formulated in 2017, which outline the group's overall strategy and impact all agencies.

Specifically, VO surrounds itself with partners such as Convidencia to coach and train all of its employees in collective intelligence techniques.

While we are aware that this process will take time and that real change will be achieved in the long term, the benefits, however, are already visible and exciting. VO has integrated participatory animation into the majority of its internal and external meetings; management decision-making and project management already include the use of tools and principles of agility as well. Moreover, we see initiatives emerging from all sides and at all levels, effectively ingraining the value of collaboration into our corporate culture.

This collaborative approach is not relevant at the team level alone. As far as professional relations are concerned, we would like to see this attitude cross borders and extend to all employees, whatever their department or function.

It is by boosting transversality, the coordinated pooling of its subsidiaries’ assets, that VO creates added value, bestows meaning and becomes remarkable.  Several key elements come into play to achieve this: transparency, trust, knowledge and respect for the specificities of each profession.

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