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Lab success stories by Audrey

16 July 2019

After more than a year of testing, several of the projects co-created in the VO Lab have come to fruition. The Lab is our resource centre. For more than a year, it has been giving the VO agencies and their clients a range of tools –  from a structure and setting that foster collective intelligence, to internal and external experts and inspiring documentation – to co-create innovative, long-lasting communication solutions.
Voice Agency, our conversational marketing agency, took part in two Lab sessions for an eco-friendly cleaning and maintenance products brand that makes its packaging from recycled plastic. Thanks to these sessions, some fantastic ideas for field activation and media positioning campaigns were hatched. In April, journalists and bloggers were invited to an event to boost the client’s profile and raise awareness about its eco-friendly actions, in particular by shining a spotlight on its range of aloe vera-based products and the multiple benefits this plant offers. In September 2019, a “bivouac” event will take place in Brussels to highlight positive plastics recycling initiatives. The event will be attended by experts in this field. Hopefully, with this great mix of ideas, we will soon see this client climbing to the top of the eco-friendly household products sector!

New communication strategy for the Fondation Majoie

Last April, at the request of VO Event, a co-creation session was held in the Lab for our client Fondation Fournier-Majoie. Having been pleasantly surprised by the way both internal and external participants challenged its communication strategy, the client entrusted the agency with the task of developing a new strategic approach to boost donations from people who are not already part of its network. We are very grateful to them for their open-mindedness and the trust they have placed in us. 

Orange ramps up its brand activation

Following an intense Lab session, Orange has entrusted VO Event with the mission of highlighting the benefits of its network through a series of brand activation activities.  As the festival season approaches, the agency will be heading to the Couleur Café, Lokerse Feesten and the BSF with a giant inflatable cube in the operator's colours. The cube will be a rallying point for people to come and test the quality of the Orange network.

Themed Lab sessions

On 7 May, at the request of our agency VO Communication (VO Event and VO Citizen), we ran a specific Lab session looking at the future of events. The agency wanted to reflect on future trends in the events sector so that it would then be able to integrate these trends when designing its upcoming events – events that must generate meaning and be ever more surprising.  In the Lab, the train of thought was guided to make sure it stayed on track with the agency’s values and would contribute to the overall development of the sector. The seeds of proactive ideas that sprouted from this session led down the path of industries such as fashion, banking, insurance and non-profit, which are being monitored within our agencies. The aim of such proactive sessions is to cross the results of this monitoring with the needs and intuitions of our clients, prospects, partners and contributors. Confident that serendipity will pull together the right ideas for the right project, the Lab team hopes to emerge with enriched, relevant strategic guidelines for responding to the communication needs of an ever-changing market.

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