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LIFE @VO by Nastajsia

16 June 2022

Covid and the health crisis have heavily impacted our society, our relationships and our ways of working. And, like all companies, VO has adapted. By putting the well-being of our employees at the centre of our concerns, we have updated a whole series of internal policies.

In keeping with our values of inclusion, we wanted to include the main stakeholders in the new status quo. For months, management and HR have been working upstream on solutions to promote well-being, maintain the work/life balance, and facilitate working from home. We used a survey to ask our colleagues about their wishes and needs, in order to meet their expectations as closely as possible.

Open space 2.0

No more assigned seats!

After a major refurbishment, employees can now use the Tribeloo application to reserve the seat of their choice, according to their needs or desires, in order to secure the right workspace.

They can choose between a flexible zone for individual work, a quiet zone to isolate themselves in so they can concentrate better, or a collaborative zone for a team meeting or a joint project.

Tribeloo is a multifunctional application that allows you to book an office, a meeting room, a parking space or a locker via your phone or via Outlook. It allows you to see in real time who is in the office and their whereabouts.

A multifunctional relaxation room

Working is good, but so is taking a break! To this end, VO has designed an Open Minded room that can accommodate yoga, boxing and meditation sessions.

A lounge, just like at home

Furnished entirely with furniture from the circular economy (thanks to our partner Traitdeco), our lounge is accessible at any time for a quick meeting, a coffee break or a moment to catch up with colleagues.

A responsible coffee machine

An office needs coffee. And good coffee means wide-awake colleagues!

VO has chosen to swap quantity for quality. Our last machine, although fair trade, was more focused on the breadth of options on offer. We therefore decided to replace it with a machine that was just as “fair”, but more quality-orientated, thanks to its more targeted offers.

In 4 words, Torrefactory is: Sustainability, Expertise, Craftsmanship, Accessibility

A smart fridge with healthy menus

Since March, GUS, a new food solution for the office, has been available to employees. No more rushing to order lunch, going out or queuing up at (not so) nearby sandwich shops, thanks to our new smart fridge, filled daily with fresh, organic meals, drinks and snacks, available 24 hours a day. And thanks to the GUS team, there's no waste. All uneaten food is redistributed via the Too Good To Go platform.

It’s a new concept which, in addition to being compatible with our new meal voucher benefit, makes lunchtime easier for those who work in the office and are a little (or very) hungry.

“Small changes made today make for a big difference tomorrow”