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On the way to an efficient air saving – A car-free day at VO’s by Véra

06 January 2020

Last November, VO’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) team organised an awareness campaign for its employees on the consequences of CO2 produced by different forms of transport. And the first edition was already a grand success!

The environment is an important issue for the VO Group. Respect for the planet is in its DNA, which is highlighted in its different activities. VO’s first car-free day was centred on the modes of transport used by employees for their commute. The session had a fun set-up and featured a live histogram. This made it easy to view the most frequently used alternative modes of transport. Employees created this histogram themselves by drawing the mode of transport they had used that day on a post-it note with a permanent marker and sticking it onto a board.

A compelling collective effort

Lots of employees took part in this game by opting for a greener form of transport that day. The campaign resulted in a total of 3,582.4 grams of CO2 for 75 employees. The tram was the biggest winner, being responsible for 29% of all journeys. Carpooling was also strongly encouraged and accounted for 10% of the total commute. By switching from their own car to carpooling, employees were able to save 762 grams of CO2.

Click here for the source of these calculations.

Better air quality

Particular attention was paid to the consequences of travel for the air quality in Brussels. Firstly, figures and studies by Bruxsel’Air and Touring were released during the accompanying communication campaign to motivate people to take part in this type of action. Secondly, the spotlight was focused on a tool developed by VO Citizen (our in-house communication agency with public outreach) for Brussels Mobility as part of their communication campaign for European Mobility Week. This tool was able to calculate the impact of transport on the air quality in Brussels.

A popular campaign

This first edition of the campaign elicited plenty of extremely positive reactions from the participating VO employees. They were all very excited about the initiative, especially the fact that it opened up new possibilities to them in terms of changing their commuting habits.

At the same time, VO could pride itself on the excitement and enthusiasm of its employees for this campaign. A second edition is already on the cards for next year!

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