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Orange is the new trend by Véra

05 August 2019
BXL_PROPRETE_Poivron bis
BXL Propreté_Pomme bis

Using an orange bin bag for apple cores, coffee grounds, peppers and all other food waste is the right thing to do. After all, these waste products take up 40% of your white bin bags. If you separate them from other waste, they can be recycled into green energy and compost, thanks to biomethanisation. All this and more is the message of the communication campaign brought to you by VO Citizen, the corporate communications agency of the VO Group.

VO Group couldn’t be prouder of the results VO Citizen has managed to obtain. They can certainly lay claim to the fact that they have sparked a new wave of enthusiasm for a subject our organisation holds dear - recycling. We are delighted to have achieved the objectives set by Brussels-Propreté –make people aware of the orange bin bags, increase their use and let people know that there are also containers available.

We distributed 9,000 containers and 21,000 bags

The elements of our campaign that were mostly appreciated were our physical presence to hand out containers and bags and our information booth. We wanted to appeal to the public directly and used a variety of methods to achieve this, including a print campaign, digital advertising, a radio ad, a digital campaign, a social media campaign and a website. This last digital part of our campaign was brilliantly run by Voice, our group’s communications, digital and press agency.

Our Facebook page reached 663,918 people during the campaign

Internet users left hundreds of comments and our website attracted 19,282 visitors. In collaboration with Sense, our content agency, we also made a video which shows the journey of the orange bin bag and addresses concerns about what exactly is achieved through this recycling.

Not only did this communication campaign generate meaning and attain its set objectives, it was built on an intelligent collaboration between three of our agencies.

VO Group – Make sense and Be remarkable

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