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Recycled cigarette ends - VO protects the environment! by Véra

16 December 2019

As of now, VO will start recycling cigarette ends. Last October, as part of its CSR policy (corporate social responsibility) and in collaboration with WeCircular, VO replaced all the old ashtrays in its little garden by a new ashtray dedicated to recycling. 

VO chose to collaborate with WeCircular to recycle the cigarette ends of its employees. The members of VO’s CSR Team (Corporate Social Responsibility) implemented this measure last October as part of its CSR policy. Since then, several kilos of cigarette ends have been collected each month.

A recycling campaign that makes sense

7.4 l of rubbish have been collected in 1 month’s time, amounting to about 3,000 recycled cigarette ends. But this also mean that 1,500 m³ of water was prevented from being polluted, which is more or less equivalent to 20,000 showers!

VO cares about the environment

VO ensures that its values (respect for others, passion for business and an open mind) are reflected across its various activities. This latest measure allows them to comply with their CSR policy by recycling cigarette ends and therefore reducing their impact on the environment.

Cigarette ends are actually a major source of pollution. According to a recent study by the European Commission, cigarette ends are the main types of waste found in the environment, not only on beaches, but also on the ocean floor and in rivers and lakes.

An ideal collaboration

WeCircular, formerly known as Recyclope, is a young Belgian start-up, who aim to promote a circular economy in Belgium. The way they work is simple: once our waste has been recycled, it is re-injected into the economy as part of a circular and ecological approach. The cigarette ends are subsequently transformed into a portable ashtray.

VO is delighted to once again establish a sustainable approach, fully steeped in its values and DNA. The fact that this project has affected our employees enormously and has garnered a lot of interest is only the icing on the cake.

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