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Resilience in the communication professions by Audrey

13 September 2018

The courses in collective intelligence and agile project management for the VO teams were in full swing this summer ... Some 60 employees were introduced to this new approach and were able to work on developing solutions to the challenge launched by the Group: "How to encourage teams to cooperate creatively, ensure enjoyment at work and increase the quality of recommendations made to clients." This investment in training aims to achieve the vision "Make sense and be remarkable".

Several actions and training sessions were organised related to the six themes presented to employees in September 2017:

  1. Boosting creativity in association with ID Campus 
  2. Agile cohabitation in association with Convidencia
  3. Working collaboratively in association with Convidencia
  4. Improving the content delivered in association with Sense, Sign and Studio Gondo
  5. Responding in accordance with our convictions
  6. Daring to innovate through the launch of the VO Lab

VO Group launched VO Lab in order to speed up progress on these six themes, and with the aim of achieving new commercial and societal victories. Following 14 pilot sessions, we can draw some lessons about the strengths and weaknesses of the process: creative brainstorming techniques to be constantly adapted, briefings to be clarified in depth upstream of the sessions, and more agile and transverse management of projects. Thanks to the collective intelligence and the internal organisation of the Group, some serious missions emerged from the training sessions and Lab sessions, and require transverse adaptation of planning and project management tools for the Group's agencies. The different types of Lab sessions must be adapted to the business with the appropriate instructors, tools and processes, and in collaboration with VO Group consultants. In terms of societal commitments, new strategies are developed collaboratively. To do this, the VO Group is surrounded by specialists such as Emmanuel Mossay (Shifting Economy) and Gaëtan Dartevelle (Greenloop). Each project addressed in the Lab has now moved on to the biomimicry filter and / or circular and systemic dynamics thanks to the interventions of contributors who are experts in systemic, sustainable and social economics.

This makes the VO Lab the ultimate tool for the continuous improvement and resilience of communication professions. We boldly announce that these are the premises of a new department in Research and Development for agencies of the VO Group, a space in which various animation techniques and co-creation tools are tested and indicators to measure our performance are in place.

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