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29 November 2018
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Just over 50% of families in Brussels have a private car. And when you consider that these cars are stationary 97.6% of the time, there is an obvious conclusion to be drawn. Today, many people are aware that a shared car can replace up to 15 personal vehicles and that there is a well-developed range of such car-sharing services on offer.

This awareness and knowledge of the possibilities that are available is the fruit of a collaboration between two of the VO Group agencies: VO Citizen and Voice. As always, they have taken their knack for reaching citizens through institutional communications and paired it with their digital and press communications expertise. The result of this collaborative, multifaceted, intelligent work was a campaign that succeeded on various levels.

At the same time as running this collaboration with the city's mobility department, VO Citizen and its trusty sidekick Voice, for the third year in a row, were entrusted with the task of building a communication campaign about car sharing to coincide with European Mobility Week. The VO teams were of course fully up to the job in hand: raising awareness of and popularising this sustainable mode of transport.

But it was still no mean feat. The thing is, the car-sharing options are many and varied. There were 5 competitors who needed to be brought together for this all-out campaign to save the environment from cars and restore access to public spaces. The challenge, from May to September this year, was to find the common ground between the five players, give them equitable exposure, and get people to try out car sharing.

Content and stories were gathered. A website was developed. Campaigns and ads appeared on social media and in the press. Voice and VO Citizen can pride themselves on having met and satisfied the hopes of everybody involved, from Brussels Mobility to the mobility department and car sharing operators, throughout a project that proved to have a very high human factor. VO Group is delighted to announce that no fewer than 7,787 users and 9,791 sessions were recorded on the Hub, around 40 press releases were published and 13 social media campaigns were run, with 284,044 people seeing at least one of the ads.

Behind our business and our intelligent, collaborative approach lies the work of our teams - a reason for each and every one of us to feel motivated to continue striving for this dynamic synergy that generates purpose while being remarkable.

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