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The Art of Creative Collaboration by Véra

29 April 2019
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VO Group is always keen to encourage collaborations between its agencies. Launched in late 2017, Studio Gondo is a hotbed of artistic ideas, much to the delight of the other agencies, and particularly VO Event which regularly calls on its services. 

The studio works on the premise that if you inject the sensitivity, impetus and vision of an artist into a project, it will take on a whole new dimension. It is yet another string to the VO Group’s bow!

If you asked our agencies, they'd all agree: brainstorming is a must. This is why it is so important for Studio Gondo to be brought on board right from the very start of a new project. Early involvement lets them get to grips with a company’s DNA and its past, present and future, driving their strategic thinking in the direction of bold storytelling that makes sense.

“The main thing is to gain an in-depth understanding of the client’s needs, and then infuse them with the vision of one or more artists,” says Gilles Parmentier, the studio’s managing director. “After that, you bring the concepts together to produce something unprecedented and totally customised.”

In devising its solutions, the team demonstrates flexibility and active curiosity no matter the creative field. All fields with a touch of creative flair get the Gondo treatment, from exhibitions to festivals, concerts, workshops, art collectives, design, fashion, and even top-flight restaurants. 

Ever since it was launched Studio Gondo has repeatedly proven its worth, particularly through its collaborations with VO Event, and shown how anything is possible when you choose to innovate!

Below are a few examples of this positive partnership:

  1. Proximus – Night of ICT

November 2018 at the Kanal – Centre Pompidou. Studio Gondo worked with artist Romain Tardy and choreographer Leslie Mannès to put on two dance performances enhanced by stunning lighting to symbolise innovation and new technologies. Guests were plunged right into the heart of the choreography from the moment they entered the Kanal.

  1. Unicef – EduAction Day

Also at the Kanal, in October 2018. The agencies ran a day of talks, workshops and performances for Unicef donors. Studio Gondo brought together a smorgasbord of artists to introduce an audience of almost 1000 people to projects that promote children’s education – with an artistic twist!

  1. Deloitte – DiverCities

The DiverCities concept revolves around two themes that are close to Deloitte’s heart: the world’s major cities, and their cultural diversity. VO Event has taken charge of the technical side of things and will be running the event, while Studio Gondo will develop performances representing the spirit of various cities and our place in them as citizens. This artistic explosion will be let loose in June 2019 at Docks Bruxsel.

Studio Gondo’s contributions have become something the VO Group simply cannot do without. And there are plenty more collaborations in the works with VO Europe, SIGN and Sense. Stay tuned and we will reveal all shortly!


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