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The frog has taken the plunge! by Audrey

22 May 2019
Lab Frosch

After a year-long test phase, LAB VO and our interactive marketing agency, Voice, are finally launching their internal project. There are two events in the pipeline, borne from the groundbreaking ideas LAB VO came up with during two collective brainstorming sessions.

In August 2018, Voice applied for two LAB sessions for their client FROSCH

For those who didn’t know, FROSCH is a brand of environmentally friendly cleaning and maintenance products. The brand develops recycled plastic packaging and wants to stay ahead in this sector.

The aim of the first LAB was to win an invitation to tender by defining key topics, a target audience and the strong points of their brand positioning.

By organising a LAB session ahead of the tender response, Voice was able to position itself as a serious and groundbreaking agency. They were able to demonstrate that their ideas did not come from nowhere, but that they were based on expert, exterior views they had gathered. This meant Voice could provide the brand with added value.

The second session took place after winning the tender. It was aimed at refining the original ideas, taking into account the customer’s comments. It also gave rise to a number of ideas regarding practical implementation and brand positioning towards the press.

One year later...

On 25 April 2019, Voice organised a press event to inform journalists and bloggers about and raise their awareness of FROSCH’s campaigns for a cleaner environment and the brand’s visibility, especially because of its frog logo.

After the CEO of FROSCH Belgium had introduced the brand, Voice went on to present its aloe vera-based range of products, focussing on the plant’s numerous benefits for our wellbeing. This was more than enough to convince the journalists and influencers of the strengths of the brand.

A bivouac event has been planned for September 2019 at the Docks in Brussels. The aim of this event is to highlight positive plastic recycling initiatives centred around two concepts - gathering and travel. Other experts who are big names in plastic recycling will also be present at the event.

These two activities organised by Voice really demonstrate the efficacy of the LAB, which enabled Voice to increase its creative credibility and develop the bivouac concept. Hopefully this beautiful mix of ideas will help FROSCH to become a winning brand in the household sector.

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