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There’s a space for everyone! by Véra

26 March 2019
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Getting around town isn’t always easy when you have a disability. There are more than 940,000 parking spaces in Brussels but only 4000 are designed for people with reduced mobility (PRM). But nowadays we are all aware that everyone should have access to a parking space that is appropriate for them.

This striking communication campaign, launched at the request of Brussels Mobility and the non-profit “Passe le Message à ton Voisin,” is the fruit of a collaboration between two VO Group agencies: Voice and VO Citizen. Once again, Voice’s digital communication and media skills and VO Citizen’s institutional communication skills proved the perfect match on several levels.

Firstly, this was because changing bad habits is no mean feat. The parking spaces allocated for disabled users are all too often occupied by the wrong people in Brussels. For this reason, the RESPECT campaign takes an educational approach that encourages people to respect disabled parking spaces. Parking in a space that is intended for disabled users, even for five minutes, greatly increases the difficulties that these citizens face each day.

Voice and VO Citizen played with this sense of frustration by engineering a Kafkaesque situation: what if all parking spaces were reserved for disabled people? A very busy car park on the Boulevard de Waterloo was reserved solely for people with reduced mobility. This really forced drivers to acknowledge the difficulties these people face in finding a space.

An explanatory leaflet, a video (filmed on the day of the campaign), social media content, a press release and a press conference were all arranged. Throughout this campaign, the two VO Group agencies worked hand in hand to ensure that it had the biggest possible impact. As Bianca Debeats, Brussels Secretary of State for Road Safety and Equal Opportunities, intended, this RESPECT is neither sanctimonious nor aggressive, but helps drivers understand the consequences that their behaviour has on the lives of people with reduced mobility.

This is a great example of the intelligent collaborative work that VO Group advocates as a model. It should inspire each and every one of us to continue striving to achieve this. But above all, don’t forget: there’s a space for everyone!

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