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Updated Mobility plan for VO by Audrey

14 March 2018

Aware that getting around Brussels can be a problem, and with a view to improving the group's environmental impact, the CSR Team is prioritising the issue of travel.

The company has had schemes in place since 2012 to encourage team members to seek out alternatives to travelling alone in their cars for both commuting and for work-related travel during the day.

Here are a few examples of the actions we’ve taken: 

  • Car-sharing plans that show team members which colleagues live along their route to work
  • Encouraging the use of public transport by providing Mobib cards
  • Providing a pool of folding electric bikes and individual ones for professional and private travel
  • Turning the entrance hall into a secure indoor bike park
  • Having a “Vélo Fixer” come each year to repair and check the company’s and team members’ bikes as well as offering cycling tips
  • Gradually changing the car pool to more eco-friendly models
  • Suggesting travelling by bike to team-building sessions and seminars
  • Offering a customisable, sustainable travel package instead of a company car when taking on new employees

These measures have already won over some people and intrigued others, but at the very least have helped us gradually change mentalities and trigger a collective response. Cars are not the only form of transport we are targeting, even though they are the most common, particularly in winter.


In future, VO wants to reduce journeys even further.

  • Our home-working policy is growing and now allows team members to work from home after approval from their manager.
  • We are encouraging people to hold remote meetings via video conference using the audiovisual equipment in our meeting rooms.
  • One solution being explored by THE SHIFT is to extend car-sharing opportunities to companies in the area whose employees make similar journeys to our own.


VO has been involved in organising Mobility Week for the last few years, and has been a member of GRACQ since 2015—two more examples of the approach the VO group takes towards travel issues and the way in which it aligns its projects with its belief in sustainability.

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