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VO at the top! by Véra

03 September 2018

VO Event stands out from the competition through the number of awards obtained for organising the Commemoration of the Bicentennial of Waterloo, in association with its internal partner Voice, the Group's digital and conversational marketing agency, and external partners Verhulst Event and Luc Petit Création. Waterloo 2015 reached 90 million Europeans.

Voice provided the communication, digital and media dimension indispensable for the event's success. This association, which is regular practice for the two entities, aims to extend emotional and online experiences and ensure media coverage.

This led to VO Event receiving no fewer than 12 awards, including Best European Event Agency of the Year at EuBEA 2015 in Seville.

"It's with great pride that VO Group celebrates the ranking achieved by VO Event Voice. Being included in the top 30 best event agencies in the world is further proof of the success of the active collaboration between the teams and the different agencies of the Group. This means VO Group emerges as even more remarkable and making even more sense."

Twenty-six years have passed since VO Communication was founded. Twenty-six years during which VO Event has consistently been one of the top three event agencies in Belgium thanks to its continuous innovation and controlled risk-taking.

From a creative and strategic consulting agency, through its mastery of events for the general public, VO Event has provided an extra dimension to the festive side of events by working on its customers’ image. Communication is not only made available to companies but also for internal communication, B2B or B2C operations. It retains its expertise in city marketing, product presentation, corporate and institutional communication. VO Citizen complements the agency’s expertise with institutional communication within citizens' reach.

Alexandre Velleuer, Managing Director, is responsible for long-term development and collaboration. Together with Vinciane Morel, Business Director, VO Event has reached cruising speed and can be proud of achieving a major share of the Group's revenues.

"Today, VO Group continuously strives to react to and anticipate economic, technological and social changes." With 'Reinventing the code' as its motto, VO Event reVOluntionises itself on a daily basis!

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