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VO Group ensures the continuity and development of its activities through a Management Buyout

29 October 2021

VO Group was founded by Michel Culot and has continued to develop with the arrival of Patrick Parmentier to become a leading communications group in Belgium and beyond, with its subsidiaries VO Event, VO Europe, VO Citizen, Voice and other stakes in the same sector.

While the arrival of the pandemic brought some very difficult times for the communications and events sector, the VO Group was able to quickly adapt and reinvent itself to offer new services and meet its customers' expectations, by ensuring a major digital transition. With consolidated sales passing the 50 million euro mark, the group has experienced exceptional growth in 2021.

At the same time as this unique period for the entire business, the shareholders also considered the opportunity to pass on the company after many years spent building, developing and managing the group. With the desire to give priority to the durability of VO and to ensure that the group continues to uphold its values and history, as well as continuing its current successes, Michel Culot and Patrick Parmentier accepted the offer made by Xavier Vincent (Managing Director of VO Europe) and Alexandre Velleuer (Managing Director of VO Event and VO Citizen) to take over the reins of the VO Group, through an MBO.

Over the years, they have demonstrated their leadership and sense of responsibility in running their businesses and turning them into success stories for the group. By proposing an exciting and ambitious project, they benefit from the full confidence of the historical shareholders to lead their teams and customers towards an exciting future.

Alexandre Velleuer and Xavier Vincent will become equal majority shareholders and will both co-manage the VO Group as CEO. Michel Culot and Patrick Parmentier, while remaining shareholders and directors, will continue as strategic advisors.

In the coming years, the VO Group intends to respond to important challenges such as the European Green Deal, citizen engagement and corporate social responsibility with the firm intention of making a positive contribution to the transformation of society.

Already committed to this through its projects and its involvement in sustainability, the new management will work to increase its know-how to share it with its customers, maintain the efforts made in developing virtual activities by proposing new ways of progress for the company. By extension, it will study the opportunities offered by technology to develop its communication services with the aim of bringing audiences closer to its customers.

By pursuing its developments in content production, the group will strengthen its ability to offer services with greater added value while ensuring that creativity is always the driving force behind its actions, to look further ahead, challenge itself and innovate so that the VO Group remains unique.