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VO Group’s small changes that are turning the tide by Véra

04 June 2019
Tri poubelles
Frigo partagé

Two of the values that drive VO Group are employee well-being and environmentalism. With a view to combining these two values, VO Group has introduced soups in winter and fruit baskets in summer.

A year and a half ago, VO group went through a big change. It upped sticks to new open-plan offices in Uccle to make it easier for staff, who had begun commuting on foot, to get to work. Despite the move, VO Group’s aims haven’t changed.

Buying local and keeping its employees happy are still top of its to-do list.

From December to April, “Marie s’emballe,” an Uccle-based caterer, drops off 6 litres of soup twice per week. This gives team members something to warm themselves up with during their lunch breaks, while also fuelling them with seasonal – and therefore eco-friendly – veg.

From May onwards, as the sun starts to show its face again, VO provides daily fruit baskets to encourage employees to snack more healthily. These fruit baskets are delivered to VO by bike by local company Bioceno. They’re packed with seasonal fruit to give our planet the respect it deserves.

VO Group's CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) team is also keeping this eco-friendly ball rolling with a range of fantastic initiatives

From carpeting the new offices with “Cradle to Cradle” certified carpets, to reducing printing, repurposing old cupboards into office bins, running an annual repair workshop for team members’ bikes, and providing eco-friendly mugs. Other actions include installing a cosy patio with plenty of plants, a ping pong table, creative meeting spaces and a shared fridge to beat food waste.

VO Group has seen the difference these small everyday actions can make. They are changes that help the group stay true to its values, look after its employees, and respect the environment.

Small changes, big results!

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