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VO Lab Launch by Audrey

20 April 2018

At the end of March 2018, VO launched a new Creative Lab project that would allow it to offer its clients something completely unheard of and cement its long-term position within the communications market.


What is the VO Lab? The Lab is a resource centre that offers customer services, consultancy, experts, documentation and tools.

The Lab will provide support in four areas: clarifying and rewriting briefs, developing and improving strategies, developing disruptive concepts, and implementing original ways of doing things.

This creative space, hosted in a dedicated, modular venue, will provide teams with high-tech equipment and encourage an idiosyncratic working atmosphere and attitude.

In terms of human resources, the Lab will offer the services of a facilitator with experience in agile and collaborative tools and processes, as well as regular involvement from external contributors chosen to complement the theme (target audience, experts and influencers), and a dedicated team for coordination, results analysis and continual improvement.


How to use these services

The VO Lab space and team are available for all VO Group agencies to use.  The Lab concept is based on a desire to force radical change within our working habits by systematically calling on external contributors, holding collaborative meetings, and applying agile processes when managing projects.

In the medium term, the presence of clients during sessions will ensure that we adhere to their vision and will involve them in the creative process.


In conclusion, the Lab is much more than a place for brainstorming. It grants access to innovative, lucid and relevant concepts and strategies.

VO is doing this because it believes that companies have to be remarkable and sought-after in order to adapt to the uncertainty of the current market. Projects must be noteworthy and profitable as well as making sense.

This process means changing company culture, questioning old habits, and having a real reVOlution on a personal and professional level in terms of working methods and attitudes. It will allow us to move forwards with our customers and share our values of openness, respect and passion, as well as the pleasure of learning and developing together. 


When will it be ready?

VO will be holding a launch event for the Lab shortly. The aim of this event will be to explain the concept to our in-house teams and encourage them to sign up for it.

From March to September 2018, team members will be invited to test the space, the team and the tools available, and will receive training on agile and collaborative methods for holding meetings and running projects. We will test how things go with these real projects to make sure we are actually offering added value that helps us to improve continually as a company.

Over these six months, teams will have access to a platform for creating a dynamic network of contributors that will be updated and complemented as more people join and more partnerships are developed by the Lab Team.

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