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We meet Audrey by Manon

07 August 2017

Audrey - Management assistant, CSR coordinator and building manager for VO

Audrey, a driving force behind the CSR Team, is the CSR coordinator. She is responsible for water, air, energy and biodiversity within the CSR Team.

So what does that mean?

Besides her management work, Audrey spends time making sure that each project chosen by the team is a success. In particular, she drew up the submission that earned us our second Eco-Dynamic star.

She works closely with our CEO to ensure that CSR is always taken into account when strategic group decisions are made.

In her opinion, coordinating the programme gives her work a purpose, particularly as ecology and team member well-being are a vital part of any business. She has adopted sustainable behaviour in both her home and work life, never ceasing to inject energy and creativity to move the group towards new horizons.

“We’re not here to just slave away at our work. You need to spark a desire to get involved and act. To do this, team member well-being is vital.”

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