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We meet Fatima by Véra

17 October 2018
Fatima portrait

Fatima – Front Desk Officer. Fatima is a member of the CSR team and has daily contact with the entire company, driving changes in behaviour and encouraging the VO Group to take as green an approach as possible.

So what does that mean?

Besides working on reception, her goal is to greet people cordially and make them feel unique.

Joining the CSR team was an obvious step for her as it was a concrete way of applying her green values to the VO Group.

A gentle approach to generate real change

Changing people’s behaviour means ordering and providing them with green supplies while ensuring employee comfort through small gestures (essential oils, collecting paper for recycling, etc.).

I’m proud to be working for VO Group, whose values are very close to my own: acting responsibly and sustainably, and getting people working for the good of society.” 

In her private life, her green attitude and care for others are also part of her daily routine. She spends her free time studying and practising kinesiology. It’s second nature to her. She lives as naturally as possible and therefore does not use medicines. Instead, she uses homeopathy and essential oils.


“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.” Saint-Exupéry (Wind, Sand and Stars)

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