Positioning About us


Guided by our values of respect, open-mindedness and creative passion, we want to use the added value our company offers to create a more equal, united society.

In a world that is constantly moving and changing, our teams help institutions and brands to make sense and stand out.

We believe in the power of communication to inform, motivate, and bring people together. We want to be agile, collaborative, responsible, and firmly focused on the future.

Commitment to society

Charter, labels, certifications

Our values revolve around people and ethics. This people-oriented approach has led us to create a CSR programme that pushes us, in both our global strategy and our everyday work, to seek a balance between profits, respecting others, and respecting the environment.

In November 2015, the VO group achieved a second star from the Eco-dynamic Enterprise Label. This label is granted by the Brussels-Capital region to Brussels-based businesses as official recognition that they have put in place an internal environmental management policy. It rewards their action on the environment, particularly in terms of managing and preventing waste, using energy rationally, and managing employees’ travel, among other things.

Achieving this second star (out of three) is a testament to all of our efforts since 2012.

VO is currently working towards EMAS and we hope to achieve this international certification by the beginning of 2022. To do so, we are strengthening our operations and internal management to meet the requirements of the European certification which, just like ISO 14001, needs precision and care in three main areas:

  • the environmental impact of operations, products and services
  • continual improvements to environmental management
  • the implementation of a systematic approach to establish the environmental objectives, achieve them, and make them public once they have been achieved

On The Road Program

On The Road is the name of the CSR program that the VO group and its various subsidiaries have drawn up and implemented.

This programme covers all of the actions we have implemented internally to reduce our environmental impact and strengthen our focus on society, as well as everything that relates to our clients, suppliers and partners, in order to contribute to a fairer, more eco-friendly world. A dedicated team, the CSR Team VO, composed of team members trained in environmental and social issues, regularly puts forward suggestions for actions and solutions that can be developed.

Why “On The Road”? Because we are en route towards a more sustainable, ethical means of working, with offers that are constantly evolving. Our day-to-day efforts are based on the following themes:

  • Water and energy consumption
  • Travel policy
  • Waste management
  • Paper consumption
  • Air quality
  • Purchasing policy
  • Awareness and communication
  • Biodiversity
  • HR
  • Business solutions
  • Sustainable economy