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VO embracing the future

The changes in economic models and subsequent behavourial patterns combined with the advances in artificial intelligence (both connected or predictive) and big data will have a profound impact on our way of life and the ways in which we communicate. Our crafts as communicators will transform into new sets of qualifications we will need to adopt at record speeds. We will reinvent ourselves inside out, from thought to process with the expected impact on an offer that will reveal our new skills. We will anticipate and adapt to our contacts’ new behaviours, interests and expectations.

At VO we will always reject the silly old saying “it was better before”. Holding onto the ways of the past reflects the mindset of those who have given up. To reinvent oneself on a daily basis is a fabulous challenge. We are proud to be active supporters of this amazing and ongoing sharing of knowledge. We are happy to embrace innovation and look forward to the rewarding encounters we will make on this voyage. We commit ourselves to a conceptual journey through this world in constant mutation, which is key in helping our clients meet their challenges. “We” refers here to our teams and our equity. We have opted for a structure in which each team member embraces the values we promote. Respect, open mind and entrepreneurship underline all our actions. This is why our DNA is composed of two essential ingredients: being meaningful and remarkable.


In a world that is constantly changing, we are—and hope to remain—the gold standard in the field of communications, staying ahead of the pack thanks to our collaborative approach and long-term commitment that result in a quality service.


As new economic models emerge to take on the challenges facing the world and its citizens, VO is here to give businesses and institutions responsible, memorable communications that make sense, adhere to our values, and deliver results. We are the first Belgian communications group to combine communications with experiences and conversations, building bridges between reality and the digital world.


With the help and input of our experts, VO has re-examined its core values. The purpose of this exercise is to reposition and reorientate ourselves on our core values, both as individuals and as a collective.     

As a conclusion of this self-examination, we can safely say that the individual views of VO employees are consistent with the views of the company. The keywords are sustainability, collaboration and commitment.  CONGRUENCE, TRANSPARENCY and RESPECT FOR ONESELF AND OTHERS emerged as vitally important and fundamental factors for a corporate culture that puts the realization of common objectives first. 

The vital challenge for the group was to align behaviour with values, to ask the right questions, and to ensure that this behaviour was consistent with the charter, vision, mission, values, and more specifically, the respect for its employees. In doing so, we ensure that everyone involved remains committed, now and in the future.

The board and management have put particular emphasis on courses with tools that enhance collective intelligence and collaborative culture. This will create a more mature and empathic workplace, which benefits both the individual and the collective, increasing the reach of IT within the agency and empowering it to face future challenges even better.

The managers agreed on 26 concrete behaviours that revolve around the three values mentioned above.